Our Services

It would come as no surprise to you that visual design for Live Events is a pretty technology heavy environment. Using state of the art software and equipment is just a normal day at the office for us. From concept to delivery, every project is different, but the common theme that unites all of them is the demand for the best tools available for the task at hand. Whether that's communicating our design intent to the client, or implementing streamlined, cost effective programming and rehearsal tools, right the way through to commissioning state of the art video - visuals, we strive to ensure that every project is delivered using only the latest in technology and tools available.



Ensuring that what we have designed is exactly what gets built is an important process. We invest thousands of pounds a year keeping our software inventory up to date, and our CAD package of choice is Vectorworks Spotlight. This program allows us to communicate all of the necessary data to our technicians and suppliers, and keep on top of any updates and changes that occur during the build. Whilst most of our CAD (Computer Aided Design) work is completed in-house, we also have a network of Freelance CAD users available for when things get busy.



In order to ensure that the designs do what we want them to, and to save time and money when programming, we have invested in the CAST Software WYSIWYG package. This allows us to build the Lighting, Set, and Video Systems in the virtual world and connect up all of the programming equipment in the studio rather than in a rehearsal venue, meaning that we can bring rehearsal periods down by several days, as much of the technology has been programmed off-site, avoiding costly rental days on much of the equipment used on the show. 



For the efficient programming of the Lighting and Video systems used in our designs, we have long used MA Lighting's range of consoles. There are many brands of desk in existence, and every user will have their favourite, but we have found that the scaleabilty and reliability and tracking backups of the MA2 range have suited our needs for many years now. At any of our shows around the world, you'll usually find a black and orange MA2 Lite or Full Size (or occasionally a Command Wing) sitting proudly at Front of House triggering the spectacle.