The WYG Suite is now available to you!

Our WYSIWYG Suite and Pre-Vis Studio, as well as our rehearsal studio in Ansião, Portugal are now both available to rent. We're in the process of putting pricing and packages together, but rest assured that you'll find it one of the most relaxing, creative environments you've ever programmed a show in. 

Bear with us whilst we let the dust settle, and more details will be following on the facilities page soon.

In the meantime, if it's something you might be interested in, then hit us up on the contact page.

The Circus heads to Vegas!

It's official: Circus 1903 will be taking up residence in Las Vegas from the 25th of July at the Paris Casino, in their 'Theatres Des Arts'. We're in the process of giving the lighting design a few tweaks and can't wait for you to see the latest incarnation of the show!



Circus 1903 - The reviews are in!

New Company, New Site, New Everything!

Welcome to the brand new Ignition Creative web site. As the workload grew and the needs of our clients changed, so too it was time for us to morph into Ignition. With the same old work ethic, the same levels of creativity, and equal amounts of caffeine, we're hoping to better serve you all, and continue to deliver the same high production value shows and events you have come to expect. 

Welcome to the site, welcome to the new us! Get in touch soon and see what we can do for you.